A white fluffy cloud.
A bigger white fluffy cloud.
The Kapes Coffee Kiosk.
A swaying palm tree.
A swaying palm tree.
Salcombe Hill cliffs in Sidmouth.


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Salcombe Hill cliffs reflection in Sidmouth.
Some Steam from a coffee Some Steam from a coffee
A pineapple that sits in an icecream cone.
An ice cream cone where the pineapple flies in to!

Sidmouth’s Sun-soaked kiosk a stone’s throw from the sea

A Kapes floaty keyring.
Toms coconut plant!

Beachside Kiosk
Sidmouth Devon

The ultimate seaside base for early-rising caffeine connoisseurs & salt-sprayed sea swimmers. Come soak up the sun, tap to the tunes & gaze into a glitter ball – thanks for stopping by, Tom 🤙

Amelia loving the Kapes merch!
Outside the Kapes Kiosk.
Magic gold dust
Pedro the pineapple.
Kapes at Christmas
A disco ball.

Take a little bit of Kapes with you

Keyrings, caps, T’s & candles. Available to buy at the hatch & online soon!

Kapes Tee
Kapes Cap
Sex Wax
Kapes Floaty
Kapes Candle
Sun Zapper
An old retro tv showing Instagram reels.
Static TV animation
Roastworks coffee brand used at Kapes.

Our Coffee soulmates from day 1

Roasted in the countryside by a small team of legends with big dreams & brilliant beans… served on the coast with views, vibes & good times!